Vision Statement

Rutgers University has long been committed to delivering education of the highest quality to its students, to providing its outstanding faculty with the resources necessary to make innovative research contributions, and to expanding the reach of this excellence in teaching and research through services to the community, the state, and the world.

The Rutgers China Office seeks to substantially expand the university’s education and research in China and about China. To fulfill this mission, the Rutgers China Office draws on the strengths of Rutgers University and the great State of New Jersey to promote the university’s China outreach and international reputation by:

  • Developing comprehensive and strategic relationship with selected Chinese universities in major academic fields. Rich and productive partnerships will increase the research collaborations between Rutgers and its partner institutions, and fuel innovations for mutual benefits.
  • Creating opportunities for Rutgers’ students to study on China and in China, and expanding the number of highly qualified Chinese students at Rutgers. A broader exposure to China for Rutgers’ students will spur tremendous personal growth, broaden their world perspectives, and enhance their future careers by developing transnational competencies between the US and China. Equally, the Chinese students coming to Rutgers will increase the diversity of Rutgers’ student population academically, culturally, and linguistically, while acquiring an excellent education at Rutgers.
  • Serving as a bridge for the broad connection between the State of New Jersey and China. Education exchange, research collaboration, and other intellectual activities with China will enhance the international prestige and brand-recognition of Rutgers and its faculty and students in both the US and China. Rutgers’ stronger connection with China will serve as a catalyst for the state’s educational, economic, and cultural ties with China, and provide important benefits for New Jersey citizens and local communities.

China is emerging as a dominant global force in the 21st century. Adhering to Rutgers’ highest values, the Rutgers China Office will greatly expand the university’s outreach to China, and this in turn will contribute significantly to the university’s strategic goals. 


Rutgers China Office
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey


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