Curt Larson

What was your major and year of graduation?
I received an Executive MBA degree in 2004.  At that time, Rutgers held classes in Shanghai and brought professors from New Jersey.  I attended all my classes in Shanghai.

What is your current position?
I am the Chief Financial Officer at Concordia International School Shanghai.

What brought you to Rutgers?
I wanted to obtain my MBA from an American university and knew that I would receive the same high quality instruction as those in New Jersey as Rutgers flew into China their best faculty for the program.

What interests you most about China?
In 30 years, China has achieved economic success and growth that takes most nations centuries to obtain.  China also has a 5,000 year history that is rich in culture and tradition.  It is an exciting place to live and work.  

What is your favorite Chinese food?

How have you incorporated your interest in China into your current work?
Daily, I am surrounded by staff members that exemplify creativity, intelligence, energy, and excitement.  I am truly blessed being here and experiencing this transformation along with the rich culture, traditions, and family values.

What is your favorite memory from your time at Rutgers?
Working on our group projects with a diverse group of individuals.

Is there a particular faculty member who influenced your life or career path? If so, how?
Sharon Jagpal taught us to look at marketing in terms of uncertainty, risk, and the important interrelationships between finance and marketing.  It changed how I looked at the marketing function.

Farrokh Langdana, in addition to teaching the critical aspects of macro economics, stressed how important it was to make informed decisions, be knowledgeable, and to keep learning. 

How did your time at Rutgers influence your career?
It helped broaden my horizons.

Did you find Rutgers to be a good value in terms of preparing you for the work place?
Taking the EMBA program helped to broaden my perspectives and strengthen my analytical thinking.

What advice would you give today’s students?
Persevere, daily “raise the bar” in everything you, keep learning and growing, be humble, and most importantly, always do what is right.



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